Conducting Pre-Employment Skills
Testing To Meet Your Business Needs

Testing can provide you additional information on the qualifications of candidates, especially when it comes to computer and software experience and much more. Skill testing varies by industry and is an additional tool available to you when you work with O2.

Why Employers
Conduct Employee
Skills Tests

A resume gives you information on a candidate but it is just a piece of paper. Skill testing can tell you much more about what a candidate is capable of doing and their level of knowledge in specific areas.
Provides Additional Information About the Applicant
Each position and each company is unique in the skills they require. Whether it is specific knowledge or specific software, testing candidates before making a job offer can help give you the peace of mind that they have the skills needed for the position you are hiring for.
Allows You to Find the Candidate That Fits

Pre-employment skills testing will not only give you insight into a candidate’s level of knowledge but you can also get an idea of their aptitude for learning and developing new skills. We offer tests on a variety of software, on skills related to a variety of jobs and industries, and we can even test on topics related to soft skills such as problem-solving and office etiquette.

Types Of Tests We Conduct:
Skill testing varies from the very general to industry and client-specific.
Office, clerical, and administrative skills are not limited to software and computer programs. Clerical and office testing is the most commonly used among employers. O2 can test for general office skills as well as specific programs such as Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Suite. We can also test for things such as basic office skills, problem-solving, reasoning and management skills.
Accounting and financial testing can be done on a range of different accounting software as well as accounting specifics. There is a large variety of different software tests available to cover almost any program being used by employers. We can also screen for math reasoning, problem-solving and general accounting skills that will give you an idea of a candidate’s ability to learn your company’s specific processes and needs.
We tend to think of skills testing as it relates to office positions and specific software but we also see the value in testing as it relates to other industries and offer it to you as a client of O2. We can test employees on manufacturing-specific software programs as well as things such as manufacturing basics, problem-solving and reasoning, mechanical ability and more.

Dedication to
Finding You The
Right Employee

Finding the right candidate for a position requires making sure they are the right fit for personality, company culture, and skills. Conducting pre-employment skills testing is one more advantage O2 provides you in determining which candidates will be the best fit for your business. At O2 we believe that nothing is more important than helping you make the most informed hiring decision and the best hires for your company and your team. Because of this, we have invested in top-of-the-line testing that offers more tests, covering more industries so no matter what position you are hiring for, we have a variety of tests that can help you make the most accurate hiring decision possible.