we provide pre-employment drug screening for all candidates

Businesses with Drug Free Workplace programs benefit from higher productivity, less turnover and absenteeism, reduced risk of employee theft and fraud, and an overall healthier workplace for all employees.

why should candidates be drug screened?

Substance abusers are 33 percent less productive and cost their employers $7000 annually. These are costs and risks your business could prevent through pre-employment drug screening.

avoid potential issues before they have a chance to occur

Pre-employment drug screening leads to less absenteeism and lower turnover among your employees while also eliminating potential problems within your workplace.

reduces insurance and benefits costs

The cost of injuries can have a huge impact on your workers’ compensation rates and can continue to plague you long after an injury occurs. Drug screening your employees can help to reduce the risk of these injuries.

helps maintain a safe and healthy workplace

Providing a safe and healthy workplace benefits all your employees and leads to increased productivity which has a direct impact on your business’s bottom line.

the drugs that we can screen candidates for:

  • We test candidates for Marijuana
  • We test candidates for Methampethamine, opiates
  • We test candidates for a total of 8 drugs tested for, DOT testing as required

how long does drug screening take to complete?

Our drug screens are done in our office and in most cases we have results within 5 minutes, enabling us to put employees to work faster and more efficiently.