We Provide Pre-Employment Drug
Testing to Screen Candidates

Businesses with Drug-Free Workplace programs benefit from higher productivity, less turnover and absenteeism, reduced risk of employee theft and fraud, and an overall healthier workplace for all employees. You owe it to your business to make sure you are running at maximum efficiency and productivity with the healthiest workforce possible.

Why the Need for
Drug Screening?

Substance abusers are 33 percent less productive and cost their employers $7000 annually. These are costs and risks your business can’t afford and could prevent through pre-employment drug screening. In today’s market taking these extra measures is more important than ever. You can not only increase your efficiency and productivity through establishing a drug-free workplace but you are protecting your workforce from potentially avoidable accidents and injuries.
Hire Responsible Employees
Having a drug-free workplace not only assists you with maintaining a healthy business but it helps your customers feel confident in using your services. Knowing that your employees are drug screened can significantly increase your organization’s reputation with customers in terms of reliability, trust, credibility. You want to hire the best employees available for your team and this means making sure that your employees are healthy and safe on the job.
Mitigate Liability and Reduce Risk
Maintaining a drug-free workplace can help your business avoid potential employee issues related to substance abuse such as performance issues, absenteeism or just bad attitudes or erratic behavior. It also helps the rest of your workforce to feel safe and comfortable when they are on the job knowing that you have made their health and safety a priority for your company.
Reduces Insurance Costs
Your workers’ compensation insurance can be one of the largest costs your business faces. Even the most dangerous of industries can help mitigate these costs by reducing the number of workplace injuries and illnesses. Creating a solid drug-free workplace policy is the first step in helping to reduce and eliminate your on-the-job injuries, helping you keep your modifier low and making it easier for you to reduce the cost of your workers’ compensation insurance.
Helps Maintain a Safe and Healthy Workplace
Establishing a drug-free workplace policy and doing pre-employment drug screening can help you reduce the rate of work-related accidents and injuries. This not only helps you reduce the cost of things such as workers’ compensation insurance but it can also prevent unnecessary liability claims or property damage. A healthy, safe workplace and workforce are critical to a successful operation.
Direct Cost Savings
Pre-employment drug screening is drastically less expensive than the turnover your company can experience when an employee has issues with substance abuse. It is a negligible cost compared to what your company could pay out in lost productivity, wages, workplace injuries or illnesses in addition to increasing insurance costs.
Reduce Employee Turnover
The more prescreening you do for your positions, the less turnover your company will likely experience. Turnover is costly to employers who suffer from downtime while recruiting for replacements, lost productivity while training new employees, overtime for other employees and unrecoverable time and wages spent on employees who do not stay long term. Pre-employment drug screening is one of the most effective pre-screening options available to employers to help reduce employee turnover from the beginning.
What Type of Drugs Do We
Screen Candidates For?

With the laws regarding legalized substances changing in the state of California, O2 is staying on top of the regulations to ensure you have access to the healthiest workforce possible. We screen for the most common illegal, controlled substances that pose the biggest threat to your business’s efficiency and productivity.

How Long Does a
Drug Screening Take?

Our drug screening in conducting in-house and completed in a manner of minutes. All of our employees are drug screened before stepping onto your Jobsite without a wait time for you.