We Provide Pre-Employment
Background Checks As Needed

In the event the position you are hiring for or your company as a whole requires background checks on your employees, O2 can take care of the pre-employment background checks for you.

How Background
Checks Work

Typical background checks cover county criminal searches for the last seven years. They can vary based on position and company requirements and can include such things as DMV checks and credit checks. The position you are hiring for and its requirements determine when and what kind of background check you can run. In the event you need to run a pre-employment background check, O2 takes care of everything for you from collecting the employee’s information to ordering the background check and reviewing the results, ensuring you are covered throughout the process.

Why People Rely
on O2 For Their

Running background checks as part of your pre-employment process is not as simple as it seems. This area of employment is highly regulated in California and not following the laws regarding background checks can put your company at a high risk of discrimination claims. It is critical that you know when you can conduct a background check and what you can do (or not do) with the results.

Speed And Accuracy You Can Rely On

We understand that pre-employment screening processes need to move quickly so you can bring on new employees as quickly as possible and because of this we partner with companies that provide results in the fastest time possible.

Results That You Can Trust

When you run a pre-employment background check you need to know and trust that the results are accurate, reliable and in compliance with state and federal laws. We have thoroughly vetted our partner companies to ensure you can trust the results and the process.

When Is An Employer Advised To
Conduct Background Checks?

The need for background checks depends on the position you are hiring for and if your company has a requirement. Laws regarding background checks require that the checks being conducted apply specifically to the position that you are hiring for. Positions where employees may be dealing with cash, have access to sensitive information, are entering private residences, or driving company vehicles are all cases where a background check could be required. Many companies have requirements for background checks based on their insurance requirements or government contracts they hold as well.

Types Of Employee
Background Checks
We Provide

At O2, we are able to provide any type of background needed for your position. Most background checks are simple but some can be complex and extensive. Regardless of your requirements, O2 can assist you in making sure your pre-employment requirements are met.

Identity Checks

This report provides up-to-date information on the applicant’s past addresses and movement patterns based on name and social security number. The search also provides a full name and/or alternate names used, dates at listed addresses, age, and date of birth.

Financial History
This report provides a financial profile of an individual for the past seven years and includes collection accounts, public records, bankruptcies, judgments, and monthly payment history. An employment credit report includes the information you need to make a great hiring decision.

Criminal Searches

There are a variety of different criminal searches available. These options vary by state and provide a history of any criminal convictions on the employees’ records. These records typically only cover a specific period of time depending on the conviction and can, at times, show any pending convictions as well.

Federal Criminal Search
This search retrieves information directly from the Federal District Court repository and identifies criminal convictions on federal charges. These include crimes that cross state lines, bank robbery, kidnapping and crimes committed on federal property.
Statewide Criminal Search
These records contain information submitted to the State by courts from each county and other criminal justice agencies. Statewide provide another window into the possible criminal history of a person by widening the scope of criminal records for candidates.
County Criminal Court Search

Considered the “gold standard” for criminal records research, county search provides the most complete, current and up-to-date information available on criminal convictions, including felony and misdemeanor charges over the past seven years.

Verification Checks

Much like criminal searches, there is a variety of different verification checks an employer can do during the pre-employment process. These verifications are not as highly regulated as criminal searches and they hold less liability for employers as well. These searches are used to verify that the information a candidate gave you on their qualifications was accurate.

Employment Verification
Considered the “gold standard” for criminal records research, county search provides the most complete, current and up-to-date information available on criminal convictions, including felony and misdemeanor charges over the past seven years.
Education Verification
This report attempts to confirm your candidate’s highest level of education, degrees, diplomas, and certificates, and dates attended from universities, colleges, trade/vocational schools, and/or high schools.
Professional License
This report validates candidate’s standing with any professional license required for their particular job category, including but not limited to medical professionals, attorneys, CPAs, educators, and building contractors.