we provide pre-employment background checks as needed

In the event the position you are hiring for or your company as a whole requires background checking on your employees, O2 takes care of the pre-employment background checks for you.

how do background checks work

Typical background checks cover county criminal searches for the last seven years. They can vary based on position and company requirements to include such things as DMV checks and credit checks.

when would an employer be advised to conduct background checks

The need for background checks depends on the position you are hiring for and if your company has a requirement. Laws regarding background checks require that the checks being conducted apply specifically to the position that you are hiring for. Positions where employees may be dealing with cash, have access to sensitive information, are entering private residences, or driving company vehicles are all cases where a background check could be required. Many companies have requirements for background checks based on their insurance requirements or government contracts they hold as well.

types of employee background checks we can provide

At O2, we are able to provide any type of background needed for your position. Most background checks are simple but some can be complex and extensive. Regardless of your requirements, O2 can assist you in making sure your pre-employment requirements are met.