we help small businesses offer big benefits and insurances without spending a fortune

O2 is able to create and offer benefits packages that are usually only offered at large companies. Your employee’s are your business’s most valuable asset so you want to make sure that you are providing them with the highest quality benefits. Our experts will remove the uncertainty and confusion of what to offer your employees to benefit them while keeping your company’s bottom line in mind.

using a PEO means better buying power

By working with O2, you not only have access to experts in employee benefits but you have access to additional benefits for your employees offered through O2 such as dental, vision, and supplemental insurances. These are offered to your employees at no additional cost to you.

better benefits and insurances attract and retain better employees

The benefits your company offers can often be the determining factor in top talent choosing to work for you rather than another company. Offering competitive benefits also helps your company to retain that top talent and keep your employees happy, healthy and motivated.

our experts handle all details, paper work and compliance

Offering benefits to your employees means a lot of additional paperwork for you. Whether it is handling new enrollments, tracking eligibility, managing open enrollment periods, overseeing audits and government reporting or any one of the many other tasks associated with benefits, the experts at O2 will handle it all for you.

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