We Provide E-Verify Background Checks For All Workers

Verifying that workers are eligible for employment in the United States is critical in order to insure that your company makes sound hiring decisions and avoids potential penalties. All employees have to complete an I-9 within three days of starting work but that is not enough to provide peace of mind. O2 insures that every employee you hire has not only completed an I9 form but has also been verified through the federal government.

What Is E-Verify And Why It’s Important

E-verify is an online resource provided by the federal government through the Department of Homeland Security to verify employment eligibility. It allows employers to take the I-9 one step further and verify the information provided by the employee. By doing so, you don’t have to worry about fake documents, inaccurate information or other errors that leave your company at risk.

Who Uses E-Verify?

E-verify is available to employers in the United States and requires both registration and training in order to maintain an account.

When Is E-Verify Run?

E-verify verifications should be run at the time an employer collects an I-9. You have three days from the start of employment to collect the I-9 and process the information on E-verify.

How Long Does An E-Verify Check Take?

E-verify returns instant results of verifications. As soon as you enter the information you will receive notification that the employee is either eligible to work in the United States or that the information was unable to be confirmed. This is called a Tentative Non-Confirmation and can mean that some information was incorrect or that the employee needs to take further action to clarify their status.

What Is A Background Check?

Typical background checks cover criminal conviction records over a specific period of time. They can vary based on position and company requirements to include such things as DMV checks and credit checks. There are very specific state and federal laws that regulate when pre-employment background checks can be run.

How Is A Background Check Different With E-Verify?

While E-verify checks will tell you whether an employee is eligible to work in the United States, a background check provides you with information on such things as previous criminal convictions, DMV records, credit history and other personal information. Background checks, unlike E-verify, cannot be run on every employee. They must be specific to the position and you must comply with state and federal rules regarding when you can require a pre-employment background check.

How You Can Focus On Your Business

We Check Each And Every Employee

All O2 employees not only complete an I-9 but their eligibility is verified through E-verify as well. We believe in taking this extra step to protect your business.

We Complete All E-Verify Forms And Paperwork

The I-9 and verification process must be completed thoroughly and accurately. There are specific steps that must be taken, timelines that must be adhered to and forms that must be precise. You can faces fines and penalties for having errors on your I-9 forms even if your employee’s eligibility has been properly verified.

E-Verify Primary Areas Of Compliance

  • E-verify is not the same or a replacement with Form I-9

  • Employers who use E-Verify must do in a consistent manner for all employees

  • E-verify can only be run once

  • A Tentative Non-Confirmation (TNC) may not be used to take action against an employee

  • Only in the case of a Final Non-Confirmation may an employer take adverse action against an employee based on the E-Verify result

Why It Is Important To Verify Employment Eligibility

As with all compliance, the more you can do to protect your business, the better. E-verify may not be required by law, but it is a standard and mandatory practice of O2. This is just one more example of how we take the extra step to protect our clients from potential liabilities.