payroll services specifically designed for your business

Payroll may seem like just writing a check but there is so much more to it than that and every business has different payroll needs. At O2 we live and breathe payroll so you never have to. We keep you up to date whenever regulations change. O2 relieves you of your payroll responsibilities so you can spend your time focused on running your business.

we manage more than the paychecks

Our payroll services include all aspects of your payroll from beginning to end. This means reviewing time cards, ensuring timely payment, accurate calculations, tracking accruals, filing all state and federal taxes, processing garnishments and so much more.

we oversee all compliance requirements for you

Payroll, like HR, is constantly changing with changes to state and federal laws. We aren’t just experts in writing checks. We track the laws, know how they will impact your business and make sure your payroll is in compliance and accurate.

we take on liabilities with the IRS and handle all tax requirements

Not only do we take care of all the state and federal tax payments associated with your payroll, we assume the liability by becoming the “employer of record” for payroll tax reporting.

we manage all reports and give your more insight with less data

In addition to all the standard payroll reports you need, we can customize reports to meet all your needs. Each business has different requirements and specifics they are looking for and we will make sure you have them.

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