Our Story

Your Business. Your Passion. Your Element.

Chris & Heidi Corrigan formed Teamwork HR in September of 2001 and added its sister company O2 Staffing in 2009. Both companies were designed to help businesses navigate the administrative complexities that come with being an employer. Teamwork HR & O2 Staffing, are divisions within O2 Employment Services. Chris & Heidi are both business strategist with over 35 years of experience helping companies reach their potential by acquiring the right talent, mitigating Human Resource complexities, reducing Workers’ Comp claims, minimizing payroll frustrations, and allowing companies to have an array of benefit options normally only afforded by large companies.

You didn’t go into business so you could be buried with staffing, HR, payroll, workers’ comp and employment issues. We’ll take care of your employees. Your business is most successful when you are focused on why you went into business in the first place.
Your passion. Your element.

Chris and Heidi work directly with business owners and managers to help companies grow successfully. Both believe that those companies who remain aware of the ever changing labor laws, payroll compliance, workers’ comp, recruiting and benefit compliance issues quickly can hold the competitive advantage.

O2 Employment Services allow employers to remain flexible. By offering a complete range of employment services, we help your company – no matter where you are in your business evolution – raise productivity through improved strategy, quality, efficiency and cost control across your workforce. With O2 Employment Services as your strategic partner, you can concentrate on what’s really important….growing your business!