highly targeted recruitment agency for a wide range of industries

Recruiting and hiring is a time consuming and difficult process. Outsourcing your hiring process to a reputable recruiting agency gives you access to a broader pool of talent while saving you time and money, allowing you to focus on your business.

when you know who you need but not how to find them

There are a lot of recruiting tools available but many are not worth the cost. Recruitment agencies invest in recruiting and finding the right candidates for each position so you don’t have to.

we focus on high level employee recruitment

Looking for higher level candidates? We specialize in that too! At O2, we have a great success rate at placing management and C-level positions within top local companies.

we do all the heavy lifting

Staffing for a position takes time, effort and diligence to sort through resumes and meet with candidates just to determine who you should interview for the position. O2 takes care of all of that for you so you know when you are interviewing you are meeting with the best candidates available for what you need.

we discover your needs and timeline

Staffing is the most important part of your business and O2 we take the trust you put in us seriously. We become an extension of your business, your recruiting division, and take the time to learn who you are, what you do and what type of candidate would be a fit for your business and culture.

we begin our search

We may already have great candidates in our database for your position but we will still advertise for each and every position. There are new candidates on the market every day and we understand the value of diligent recruiting. We invest heavily in social media and online marketing, as well as traditional recruiting, and stay up-to-date on the latest hiring trends.

we vet candidates for skill, experience and cultural fit

We don’t send any candidates to you that we haven’t already met with in person. When you meet with a candidate from O2, you can be confident in knowing that we have already vetted the candidate and determined that they are qualified for your company and position.

we run through a short list with you

We may have met with 50 candidates for your position but we are only going to send you the top candidates for your position. You will only have to take the time to meet with very best options for your business and we will review each candidate with you before and after the interviews.

we facilitate the interview process

You don’t need to spend your time coordinating schedules and logistics. We take care of the busy work for you.

we counsel you on which candidate may fit best

Debriefing after your interviews with experts in the field gives you additional valuable resources for helping you determine which candidates will be the best fit for your business.