Who Should Be Your Reference And Why

There are numerous factors that hiring managers consider when making a job offer. While most focus on the candidate’s qualifications and experience, hiring managers will also give weight to the reference list. A reference is a person who can attest …

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How To Prepare For A Phone Interview – Smart Professional

Once an employer goes through a stack of resumes, they’ll begin scheduling phone interviews with the most promising candidates. These phone interviews tend to be on the shorter side, but if you do well, you’ll likely be invited for a …

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How To Find A Job You Love – Tips For Career Happiness

There are many people who dislike their jobs. Some people work simply to make ends meet. Others have found themselves pursuing a career they have no passion for. It can be a challenge to find a job that matches your …

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How To Answer: Why Should We Hire You? – A Professional Guide

When you’re job hunting, one of the most common questions an employer will ask during a job interview is, “Why should we hire you?” This question can be challenging, but if you prepare for it well, you can impress the …

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Exactly How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From A Job?

Create a healthy workplace & set up an anti-harassment policy. Gain a full understanding of harassment and learn the proper procedure you can follow.

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