It’s all about increasing your profitability and growing your business

These are just some
of the many benefits
of using a staffing

Today’s successful businesses are often defined by the speed at which they apply talented staff to accomplish business objectives. Moving quickly demands a flexible workforce, and O2 is here to deliver.

Let’s face it. Recruiting and hiring are expensive, in both time and money. And that’s not taking into consideration the costs of making a bad hire. Why take that on when you don’t have to? O2 Staffing will do the recruiting, pre-screening, set up interviews, and take care of the new hire requirements for you. Then you get to make sure the employee is the right fit before you hire them to your payroll, minimizing the risk to you and your business.

To us, productivity is a solution, not a goal. We maintain a large database of associates that have been qualified through our extensive skill testing, interviews, reference checks, and ‘on the job’ performance appraisals. Our 30 years of experience is utilized every time you pick up your telephone and call us for your staffing needs. A quick and accurate response is what you can expect from O2 Staffing.

The right connection makes all the difference. O2 Staffing partners with you to deliver customized and measurable results by efficiently planning, acquiring and optimizing talent. We work to fill both temporary and long-term positions, full and part-time, in the areas of administrative/clerical and light industrial, as well as professionals in accounting, technology, legal and sales marketing.