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Leaders Vs. Managers. What is the difference? Is there a difference? Which are you? To help clearly depict the difference, images are more powerful than words. Just change the word “boss” for “manager” and you get the picture.

While managers tend to get a bad rap, there are some times that a leader needs to use some of the traits of a manager to get things done that are on a strict deadline. However, the more people adapt to you being a leader, the less often you will need to do that. The goal is to keep your employees motivated and engaged.

So are you a leader or a manager?

Here is a quick 10-question quiz to help you discover if you are a leader or a manager. While there’s more to it than these 10 questions, this will help you see what direction you lean towards and how to adjust.

1. Are you more work focused or people focused?

A. Work Focused           B. People Focused

2. Do you prefer stability in a job or do you welcome and navigate change well?

A. Stability                        B. Change

3. Are you more reactive or proactive?

A. Reactive                        B. Proactive

4. Do you prefer to micro manage or do you trust people to meet the goals?

A. Micro Manage            B. Trust People

5. Are you task focused or vision focused?

A. Task Focused               B. Vision Focused

6. Do you like to enforce culture or shape culture?

A. Enforce Culture          B. Shape Culture

7. Does conflict bother you or do you find it useful?

A. Don’t Like Conflict    B. Find Conflict Useful

8. Do you tend to blame others or take the blame even if it wasn’t your fault?

A. Blame Others               B. Take the Blame

9. Do you tend to take the credit when things go well or give credit where credit is due?

A. Take Credit                   B. Give Credit

10. Do you like to minimize risks or take risks?

A. Minimize Risks           B. Take Risks

If you answered “A” the majority of the time, you are probably more of a manager. If you answered “B” the majority of the time, you are more of a leader. Not all managers are leaders but all leaders have to be managers to some degree. Use these questions to help you discover areas of growth for becoming more of a leader people follow than a manager people submit to.

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