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Some businesses may see a steady flow of work throughout the entire year but others may tend to go up and down with the seasons. For those businesses, the need to hire temporary staff becomes an important part of staying in business when times get busy. In addition, temporary employees may be necessary during the heavy vacation months of June through August.

Since there are many benefits associated with hiring a temporary or seasonal employee, it’s good to make the right decisions along the way. This starts with understanding how to find temporary employees who can fill your need as well as understanding what is associated with hiring those employees as part of your staff.

Traditional Approach to Hiring Temporary Employees

Some businesses will turn to traditional methods of finding temporary employees, such as advertising through local media or perhaps online. It may also be possible to hire students, if the time of year that you need temporary employees does not coincide with the school year. In either case, hiring the employee would require that you go through every step of the process, from making the initial contact through the job interview and ultimately, making the decision as to whether to bring them onboard or not.

Temporary Employee Labor Laws

It is important to understand that hiring somebody, even on a temporary basis, means that you must still follow all of the labor laws that are associated with a full-time, regular employee. This includes all the same new hire paperwork and employee relations (HR), as well as workplace health and safety. Temporary or seasonal employees would also have equal rights for overtime pay and minimum wage as well.

Temporary Employee Benefits

There are certain benefits that are required for seasonal employees. As an example, you need to supply unemployment insurance and workers compensation. It is important to understand the benefits that would apply to temporary employees, because not providing those benefits or perhaps misclassifying the worker as being an independent contractor could result in a number of problems. Those problems could include liability for unpaid payroll taxes or unpaid unemployment.

Hiring Through A Staffing Agency


If you are only going to bring someone into the company for a short amount of time, you may not want to go through all of the headaches associated with hiring them as part of your staff. It is beneficial, in most cases, to hire them through a temporary staffing agency in your local area. They will do all of the footwork, including interviewing, hiring and finding somebody to fill the position. In many cases, you can bring someone on board in this way for a few days or even a few months, depending upon your needs. Best of all, there are no loose ends to tie up when the assignment is complete.

Hiring temporary employees through a staffing agency has become a popular trend for employers. When your business is in need of help it is a time and cost savings to use a staffing agency as well as a huge stress relief to turn the hiring process over to the professionals.

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