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If you’re looking for a job in Redding, CA, there’s an exciting tool at your disposal: social media.

While many people regard social media as the platform of choice for tweens and individuals who take too many selfies, platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ can be incredibly powerful for job seekers in Redding, CA.

5 Tips to Use Social Media and Find a Job in Redding, CA

Regardless of whether you want to be a dog groomer or a middle-manager, these five tips can help you use social media to find the job of your dreams.

  1. Let your social media following know that you’re open to new opportunities

It’s tough to use social media effectively in your job search if nobody knows that you’re looking. With this in mind, make your first step announcing that you’re open for a new opportunity. This allows your immediate pool of followers to get on board with you. You never know – you may find the perfect opportunity simply by making your job search known.

  1. Improve your social profiles with the job search in mind

While social media can be a valuable tool for the job search, it can also damage your job hunt if you’re not careful. For example, if your Facebook profile is filled with unprofessional or downright embarrassing photos, it may be time to either un-tag yourself or to make your Facebook profile private.

  1. Join relevant social groups

One of the best places to connect with new leads and set yourself up for a new position is in relevant social media groups. These can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn and in Twitter’s Industry Chats, and are a wonderful way to connect with like-minded peers and start establishing yourself in a given industry.

  1. Use LinkedIn InMail to connect with leads

InMail is a great tool for connecting with new people, since it allows you to bypass some of the technicalities of the LinkedIn platform, like being a “connection” with someone. Keep in mind that, while using InMail to make a direct connection is a powerful tool, it’s also worthwhile to learn the best practices of writing InMail.

  1. Create profiles on all relevant platforms

If lots of people in your desired industry use Twitter, but you don’t yet have a profile, it’s time to create one. By establishing profiles on the platforms that are popular in your industry, you can enhance your chances of getting noticed by important companies, and boost the likelihood that social media will help you find the job of your dreams.

Benefits of Social Media for the Job Search

The benefits of social media go far beyond convenience. Check out these smart benefits of using social platforms in your job search.

  • Social media shows you’re tech-savvy. Today’s companies want employees who are tech natives and using social media to locate and apply for jobs demonstrates your relevant skills.
  • Social media allows you to build a job-friendly web presence. If you’re dedicated to using social media as a tool in your job search, you’ll be able to create a social media presence, through blogs, discussions, and shared content, that showcases your skills and expertise for a given position.
  • Social media expands your job-seeking horizons. If you use social media correctly, you’ll have access to a much larger pool of jobs than the typical, in-person job seeker.
  • Social media can expose you to new things. By using social media correctly, you can gain valuable exposure to new positions, companies, and connections in various industries.

Your Perfect Job in Redding, CA

While finding a job in Redding, CA can present a challenge, social media can make it much easier. By taking proactive steps like building relevant profiles, going out of your way to connect with industry leaders and pioneers, and ensuring that you’re grooming your social profiles to be appealing to people in your industry and flattering to you, it’s easy to transform social media, the popular vehicle for connection and sharing, into a helpful tool for locating the job of your dreams.

In addition to establishing yourself as a tech native, social media also allows you to connect with a wider audience and build a presence that’s ideal for landing the job of your dreams.

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