HR Risk Assessment Quiz

You think you’re doing it right. Then a new law comes out. You hear about another business that had to go to court. You find yourself wondering how much risk you are actually carrying. The reality is, you most likely don’t know what you don’t know. The only sure way to avoid risk would be to lock the doors and put up a closed sign in the window but that’s not why you went into business.

Take our HR Risk Assessment and find out how you’re doing when it comes to the basics of HR for your business.

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I last updated my employee handbook:

Are you using the new I9 form?
My commission agreements include(check all of the following that apply):

My new hire paperwork includes (check all of the following that apply):

My drug free workplace policy:

I conduct drug screens:

My labor poster:

My IWC orders:

My job descriptions:

I have exempt analysis forms on all overtime exempt employees:

My I9 verifications (check all that apply):

When I hire independent contractors (check all that apply):

I pay my employees:

I calculate overtime based on:

I am aware of the compensation guidelines for the following (check all that apply):

I provide CA Paid Sick Leave:

I pay CA Paid Sick Leave (check all that apply):

I deduct the following from my employee’s wages (check all that apply):

Performance reviews are conducted for all employees:

I have the following policies (check all that apply):

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