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The summer months are upon us and for many business owners it means that they are going to be short staffed. That could be due to an increase in the amount of work available or perhaps because of vacations, but in either case; it can leave you looking for options.

Invariably, one of the options that many business owners will consider is the possibility of hiring temporary employees. These workers, often referred to as temps, have become increasingly popular in recent years and the numbers are holding steady. That is largely due to the benefits they provide to businesses, but before you jump in with both feet, you should consider the possible downsides as well.

let’s explore the pros and cons of hiring temporary employees for your business:

The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees

Lower Labor Costs – The use of temporary employees can cut your costs significantly. That is especially true when you use an agency. Some of the reduced costs are associated with advertising, running background checks, unemployment taxes, and even training costs.

Hiring Mistakes – There is no doubt that poor decisions are sometimes made in the hiring process. This can lead to some significant difficulties when you hire a full-time employee, because it can be expensive to let the employee go. Temp workers, on the other hand, can be brought in to do a job and can easily be replaced.

Unemployment Claims – It can cost a significant amount of money, even if one employee files for unemployment. It is possible to avoid this difficulty by selecting temporary workers for the position. If you use an agency, you can replace the temp worker without this concern.

Eliminate Recruiting – Depending on the type of business you operate, recruiting new employees can be costly in regards to both time and money. When you hire temporary workers, they can be responsible for certain duties but the higher-level tasks can be shifted to the professionals on staff.

Recognizing the Downside to Hiring Temporary Employees

There may also be some negative aspects of hiring temporary employees, although they are limited. Those downsides may include the following:

Teambuilding – There is much to be said for having a team at your place of business that operates like a well-oiled machine. If you are bringing in temporary employees, they may be part of the team but they are not going to be as effective on the team as a full-time employee. Other members of the team may also perceive them as being a threat. You can overcome this through an inclusive management style and treating temporary employees as team members rather than outsiders.

Motivation – It can seem difficult to keep a temporary employee as motivated as you would a full-time employee. You can provide certain motivating factors to make this work to your advantage. Perhaps the greatest motivation for temporary employees is the opportunity to earn a full time position on your staff.

The benefits of hiring a temp employee far outweigh the potential downsides. They are a readily available resource you can use to move your business forward.

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