Our Team Will Make You Feel Like Part Of The Family.


- CEO -

Passionate, Creative, Visionary
Loves helping businesses thrive
Favorite gift is a hand written note
Up on the Roof by James Taylor



Relentless, Multi-tasker, Control-Enthusiast
Loves helping businesses and people reach their potential
Hates the word “can’t”
Be A Light by Thomas Rhett

Jennifer Kramm

- Director of Operations & Insurance -

Inspiring, Confident, Passionate
Loves coaching and mentoring
Ran a 7 minute mile at 41
“Happy” Pharrell Williams

Mandy Harris

- Front Desk Coordinator -

Genuine, Fun, Motivated Helping others be successful Fluent in Sign Language "Almost" by Thomas Rhett

Lorraine Lovdahl

- Recruiter -

Loyal, Passionate, Caring
Helping others show their best qualities
Is a pescatarian because she’s afraid of animals
"It Just Comes Naturally" by George Straight

Carlene Fish

- Recruiter -

Tenacious, Helpful, Compassionate
Being an advocate for our community & businesses
Named after Johnny Cash’s daughter
"I Lived" by One Republic

Emma Ashbee

- Human Resources Coordinator -

Helpful, Goal-oriented, Adaptive
Loves encouraging and learning from others
Her name is engraved on a satellite orbiting Earth
Better Together by Jack Johnson

Alanna Smith

- Director of Finance -

Feisty, Loving, Passionate
Loves balancing to the penny
Has visited 5 of the 7 continents
Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw

Morgan Watkins

- Human Resources Consultant -

Entertaining, Compassionate, Warm
Loves to make HR less scary
Lived in a National Park for most of her life
Function by E-40

Paula Queathem

- Administrative Assistant -

Silly, Friendly, Ambitious
The energy of working with the O2 team and clients
Does not eat sweets!
Into the Mystic by Van Morrison

Kyla Oswald

- Payroll Specialist -

Brenda Meline

- Human Resources Consultant -

Dependable, Devoted, Upbeat
Working with others to achieve results
Is an arctophile
“Feelin’ Groovy” by Simon & Garfunkel

Alora Adamson

- Human Resources Consultant -

Tenacious, Adventures and Trustworthy
Always learning and developing new ways to solve a problem.
Has a star named after her
Bluebird by Miranda Lambert

Cary Brown

- HR Administrative Assistant -

Empath, Passionate, Lively
Helping people
Loves to sing and dance
Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Tashina Hardy

- Lead Payroll Specialist -

Resilient, Fun, Caring
Loves working in a team atmosphere
Cannot resist coffee ice cream
Dear Today by Luke Combs

Jamie Day

- Payroll Specialist -

Easy-going, Optimistic, Caring
Loves being a part of something that makes a difference
Family nickname is “Charlie Brown”
“What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

Hailey Houlton

- Benefits Administrator -

Creative, Resilient, Compassionate
Loves helping others
Is learning how to play bass guitar
All My Life – The Beatles

Megan Liggett

- HR Administrative Assistant -

Reflective, strong, motivated
Loves helping people achieve
Lives on Wienerschnitzel chili-cheese dogs
“Today Was a Good Day” Ice Cube

Jessica Nelson

- CIO -

Committed, Loyal, Hardworking
Loves working with computers and solving problems
Rescues and trains deaf dogs
Livin’ On a Prayer by Bon Jovi

Terri Beaudette

- Director of HR -

Determined, Compassionate, Devoted
Loves the opportunity to be a part of the success of so many businesses
Most likely to sing and dance if R&B greatest hits plays.
"Ain’t No Mountain High Enough" Marvin Gaye

Keloni Liggatt

- Executive Assistant -

Thoughtful, creative, helpful
Loves making people’s lives easier
Shares her anniversary with her daughter’s birthday
“Upside Down” Jack Johnson

Rebecca Lakey

- Accounting Specialist -

Sassy, Smart, Short
Loves handling a variety of projects
Is Scuba Certified
“Kick The Dust Up” Luke Bryan

Lindsay Ksenzulak

- Payroll Specialist -

Happy, Dedicated, Loving
Loves processing payroll
Loves doing yardwork
“Automatic" by Miranda Lambert