Onboard your new employees like a pro with our 90-day employee onboarding timeline!

Your onboarding process can make or break the success of your new employee.

Use this timeline as a checklist for your onboarding process.

Onboarding a new-hire well can lead to the long-term success of that employee in your company. Doing this process right will also keep your company’s costs down by reducing high turnover rates in the first 90 days.

This timeline breaks the onboarding process into the following stages:

  • Know what to do before your employee’s first day
  • Day 1: Plan to deal with the necessary legal paperwork
  • Week 1: Create a successful first week by assigning a mentor
  • 30 Days: Meet with your new employee often
  • 45 Days: Halfway point check in
  • 90 Days: decide whether or not to retain the employee

There are so many more steps in each of these categories! Get the onboarding timeline to learn more!

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