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Whether you are looking for someone to work for a day, a week, a month or longer, when you need temporary staff you need them now and you need to know they can handle the workload. Temporary staffing needs can arise from a variety of circumstances whether it is seasonal or unexpected growth, leaves of absence, vacation or illness, or a temporary influx in business. Staffing shortages for any reason, can slow down the productivity of your business and result in lost production, burned-out employees and loss of profit. O2 has the staff to cover your needs, providing a pre-screened, pre-qualified workforce to keep your business moving. Regardless of how long the temporary need is, O2 will take the time to get to know your business and your hiring needs so we can place the right person in the position.

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Our Existing Database Of Job Seekers

As the North State’s largest agency, O2 draws in talent from all over our area. We invest heavily in marketing to the workforce and growing our database of potential employees so we have candidates ready to start work when you need them. We understand the importance of filling positions quickly and with the right person for your business. Because of this, we spend time investing in the quality and quantity of our database of job seekers, making sure it is up-to-date with the best that the labor market has to offer. North State job seekers are using O2 and you should be too.

You Don’t Have To Put Up Ads

When you need someone, you need them now. You don’t have time to post job ads and you don’t want to pay the expense for temporary positions. Recruiting is costly, in both time and resources. At O2, we focus on recruiting the top candidates all day, every day, so you don’t have to. We place ads for all new positions to ensure that our database of candidates is the best that the market has to offer, saving you the time of placing and monitoring ads.

You Don’t Have To Perform Interviews

Time is of the essence and interviewing takes too much of your precious time. When it comes to temporary positions, you often don’t have the time or desire to interview candidates. When you use O2, we get the description of the candidate you are looking for and the position you need to fill and select the best candidate for the position from our database of prescreened job seekers. We send you the candidate that is the best match for your temporary needs. In the event that the candidate is not a good fit, you simply call us and we find you someone new.

You Can Focus On What’s Important

Recruiting, prescreening and hiring new staff is time-consuming and takes a large amount of resources from your company. This can be hard to justify, especially for a temporary position. Often when you need temporary help it is because you are already short-staffed and maxed out. Don’t waste any more of your precious time looking for temporary staff when you can use the experts at O2 to do it for you.

We Can Save You Time and Money

Recruiting is expensive. So is having your company short-staffed and not operating at full capacity. For temporary coverage or temporary staffing needs, you don’t need to take on the cost of recruiting and hiring short term employees. These costs extend beyond the recruitment process and can include such things as benefits, unemployment costs when you no longer need the temporary position, terminations, ending work assignments, the cost of turnover, and more. You save time, money and stress throughout the whole process when you outsource your temporary needs to O2.

Our Temporary Staff Are A Great Solution for Your Busiest Times

Your staffing naturally fluctuates depending on seasons, new contracts, and a variety of other reasons. This doesn’t have to slow or stop your growth. Using temporary staff during your busy times allows your business to keep up and keep growing without the added expense of bringing on long term employees that you may not need year-round. During these times of growth, whether temporary, seasonal or long term, is when it is hardest to dedicate the time and resources needed to your recruiting. These are also perfect times to lean on O2 to handle your staffing needs for you so you can focus on your business.

Short-Term Solutions

Having a member of your staff go out on leave or take a vacation does not mean that their role and duties have to go undone. Using temporary staffing will keep your business running smoothly during these absences. This also means your clients won’t feel the pain of you being short-staffed. These temporary needs are often unplanned and on short notice. Regardless of the time frame, O2 can assist you in getting the right candidate in the position so your business doesn’t experience a slowdown due to a lack of staff.

We Match Our Database To Your Skill And Timeline Requirements

Temporary positions come in all industries and job types. We take the time to find out exactly what your needs are and what your timeline is so we can match the right candidate with your business. Getting the right fit for a temporary employee is just as important as it is for long term positions so we put the same emphasis on both. All the positions you hire for are important to your company and they are all important to us.

We Handle All of The Paperwork

Anytime you bring on a new employee, you have to complete the same new hire process whether they are temporary or long-term. This is a lot of work for a temporary position and outsourcing to a staffing agency for temporary or seasonal positions can help you avoid the time, hassle and liability associated with hiring.

Don’t Waste Time Getting Forms Filled Out

The new hire process in California is not easy. In fact, it keeps getting more complicated with more forms to complete and more penalties for not doing it correctly. This is a time-consuming process that is well worth it to outsource to the experts, especially for your temporary positions.

Let Us Handle The Whole Thing

Anytime you bring on a new employee, you have to complete the same new hire process whether they are temporary or long-term. This is a lot of work for a temporary position and outsourcing to a staffing agency for temporary or seasonal positions can help you avoid the time, hassle and liability associated with hiring.

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