Why You Should Live And Work In Redding, California

Ever wondered what it would be like living in Redding, CA? Besides the beautiful scenery, there are new industries moving in with high paying jobs.

Planning A Career Change After 50 In California: What’s Next?

Making a career change at 50 years or older can be a daunting decision because many people feel that it is a time-barred decision.

Redding, California – Community, Culture, Schools & Family

From activities to a highly engaged community to a superior school system, Redding offers families of all sizes the perfect environment to thrive.

Real Estate Opportunities At The Right Price

Even with the recent peak in the real estate market, the average home price in Redding is $246,000.

What To Consider Before Quitting Your Job To Apply For Another

You have heard time and time again to never quit a job without having another one, but is that really a one size fits all rule? See how to decide for yourself

What Exactly Is A Career Path Anyway? | Career Path Definition

The term career path gets thrown around quite a bit, but what do people mean when they use this term? Come find out.

How To Land A New Career When You’re Past 50

In your 50’s and looking to switch careers? In Northern California’s competitive job market, find temporary, part-time, and full-time work.

How Temporary Jobs Can Help You Change Careers

Did you know that temporary jobs can help you change careers smoothly? Find out more!

3 Signs You Are Ready To Change Careers

Is it time for you to change careers? Staying in a career that drains you is not a good idea. Find out 3 signs you are ready to change careers.

10 Best Jobs For Millennials Ranked

Find out what the experts say are the best jobs for millennials. You might be surprised what you find out!


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