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Millennials.jpgCareerCast and Young Invincibles both conducted studies of the top jobs for millennials. You are a millennial if you are born between 1982 and 2004 according to Strauss and Howe. This means you are between the age of 12 and 34. Millennials are the newest to join the workforce and coming out of high school and college in an economy that is far from great. So which jobs are millennials best for?

Career Cast and Young Invincibles found the following after interviewing 200 and 400 respectively. CareerCast used metrics that consisted of the degree of competitiveness, amount of public contact, physical demands, work conditions, salary and growth opportunities. Young Invincibles used salaries, projected growth and access for young adults.

Young Invincibles found the following jobs to be the best jobs for milliennials:


CareerCast found these to be the best jobs for millennials in no particular order:


Growth by 2022

Annual Median Salary

Advertising Account Executive



Civil Engineer



Computer Systems Analyst


$79, 680

Data Scientist



Financial Planner



Market Research Analyst



Physical Therapist



Social Media Manager



Software Engineer







The major difference in these two reports is that Young Invincibles includes the percentage of the job that is held by millennials. That gives you a good picture of where millennials are currently working. They also rank the jobs. CareerCast doesn’t do either of those. However, you can use both reports to learn the growth and annual salary of each job. This can help you determine if the career path you are currently on is a good one or if you should consider a career change.


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