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Many small to medium-size businesses face the same difficulties as large businesses. One of those difficulties is often seen in hiring individuals for a short-term need. It may be due to an influx of available work or because of employee absenteeism but in either case, there is a gap that needs to be filled.

More and more frequently, businesses are filling the gap with temporary employees. At the same time, the increased demand for temporary work has made many job-seekers turn to that type of work. In fact, 2.8 million workers are currently employed in temporary positions in the United States according to an article written on the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There are a number of options available for hiring temporary or seasonal workers. Some companies choose to do so directly, placing ads, running interviews and training those workers to fill specific slots temporarily. Other companies, however, have discovered the benefits of using an employment agency for hiring workers to fill a temporary position. The fact that 16% of the US job growth in recent years has occurred due to staffing agencies, shows that it continues to gain in popularity among business owners and hiring managers.

understanding the benefits of hiring temps through a staffing agency


When you hire an employee through a staffing agency, the cost will be much less compared with what you spend on hiring a temporary employee directly. The cost per hour may seem higher, due to the premium paid to the employment agency, but you will save more in reduced benefits and the cost associated with letting a direct-hire temporary employee go.


Many business owners are concerned about a drop in productivity if they should hire temporary employees but the opposite is typically the case. When you hire temps through a staffing agency, you can move them in and out of positions easily. Not only does this fill a temporary gap, it can help to reduce employee burnout in your full-time staff.

Finding Full-Time Workers

Temporary employees can either fill a short-term gap in your workforce or they can work into full-time positions within your company. It is possible to use a number of temporary employees through a staffing agency quickly to determine their aptitude for working for you.


Hiring a temporary employee directly is a commitment. Bringing one in through an employment agency allows you greater flexibility. In addition, staffing agencies often have people on hand that can fit into specific roles, and it is just a matter of letting the agency know what you need.


The use of temporary employees is something that has great potential for building your business. Regardless of whether you are using them for a short-term need or if you’re going to be using temporary workers on an ongoing basis, hiring them through a staffing agency is the best way to go.

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