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Changing careers can feel like completely changing your life. And in some ways it is. You spend 40+ hours a week at work. That’s around 25% of your life and 50% of your waking hours in a week. Making sure that you are not only happy, but using your abilities in a way that is fulfilling to you matters. Who wants to spend 25% of their life doing something they hate? No one! But how do you know when it’s time to push through and see where the job goes, or finally change careers?

Here are a 3 signs you are ready to change careers:

 1. You Are Exhausted From Work Every Day

There could be a lot of factors here but if you’ve noticed that everyday when you come home you are depleted of energy, in no mood to do things you used to do, or are often irritated and angry, it might be worth looking at what you spend most of your hours doing; your job. Work can have seasons of higher stress but if this has lasted more than a year, it might be that the overall job isn’t adding to your life anymore. Career change might be what you need.

2. Your Gift, Talents and Abilities are not being utilized

This is a big deal. When you are not operating out of your strengths it is exhausting and doing that for too long can leave you frustrated and even angry, leading to lower quality work. If you find yourself searching for jobs online after work, wishing you had so-and-so’s job, or thinking you could do a different job better if they just gave you a chance, it might be time to look at changing careers. The crazy thing is, you might be the great at the job you hate. That doesn’t mean you should keep doing it. Just because you are good at it, doesn’t mean it’s fulfilling to you.

 3. The Money Doesn’t Matter Anymore

A lot of people come straight out of college and take the career path that is going to offer them the most money, whether they like it or not. After several years of doing that, the money loses its charm. You’ve realized you can do anything you put your mind to so why not put it to something you love and make good money too? If you are so bored and lifeless at your current job that the money doesn’t matter anymore, it is definitely time to start looking into changing careers.


Why stay at a job that exhausts you, that you hate, or that doesn’t have a life ahead of it? You deserve better than that. Start doing the research, figure out exactly what skills you have, what you are good at, what you love and what you can make good money at and then you’ll discover some career options that are best for you. The good news is, you aren’t stuck. People change careers all the time. In fact, millennials typically stay at a job less than 3 years while Generation Xers stay around only 4. Go! Find the job of your dreams! Check out why Redding, CA is a great place to work!

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