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An Employer’s Guide To Hiring An Employee

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A California Business Owner’s Guide To Payroll

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Hiring The Best Employees Checklist

finding the best employees is no easy task. use our checklist to hire the best employees on the market.

The California Employer’s Payroll Checklist

learn what you need to do monthly, quarterly and yearly for your business’ payroll in our payroll checklist for california employers!

90-Day Employee Onboarding Timeline

onboard your new employees like a pro with our 90-day employee onboarding timeline!

Cost of Payroll Mistakes

payroll mistakes can cost you and your company thousands of dollars. find out the most costly mistakes for business owners that you might be making.

HR Risk Assessment

You think you’re doing it right. Then a new law comes out. You find yourself wondering how much risk you are actually carrying. The only sure way to avoid risk would be to lock the doors and put up a closed sign in the window but that’s not why you went into business. Take our HR Risk Assessment and find out how you’re doing when it comes to the basics of HR for your business.