California Equal Pay Act: What This Law Dictates to Employers

Read our guide on how to comply with the California Equal Pay Act as an employer. We provide clarity and guidance on equal pay complaints.

What Every Employer Needs to Know to Avoid Wage Discrimination

Employers need to be familiar with laws against wage discrimination to ensure that their workforce is well-functioning, diverse, and well-motivated.

Exempt vs Non-Exempt Employees – What Are the Main Differences?

A simple guide through the expectations, pay structure and other details of an Exempt vs a Non-Exempt Employee status.

Demystifying California Overtime Laws: What Are the Rules?

California Overtime law is not a mystery. Whether you are an employee or employer, you need to familiarize yourself with its rules so you will be guided accordingly.

11 Considerations and 401(k) Termination Rules to be Aware Of

Awareness of the 401 k plan termination rules is critical before taking the next steps. We’ve written up the essentials and some considerations to be aware of before you take the jump.

When Should You Pay Employees For Holidays In California?

Understanding paid holidays may seem like a difficult scenario to assess & manage. Here are some of the ins and outs of paid leave in California.

10 Common Payroll Mistakes Employers Make in Shasta County

Payroll mistakes are as common in Shasta County as they are anywhere else, and avoiding these ten mistakes can help you stay on the up-and-up.

5 Ways To Make Year-End Payroll Processing A Breeze

Find out how to have a stress-free year-end payroll session with these 5 tips.

5 Reasons PEOs Are The Answer To Your Company’s Payroll

PEOs are one of those secrets that most businesses keep to themselves, but happily utilize. They offer everything from employee leasing to HR support.


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