How Workers’ Compensation Claims Affect Employers

Don’t be bullied by hefty insurance premiums. Learn how workers’ compensation claims affect the employer and what steps you can take.

Staffing Agencies: Why Companies Use Them And Why You Should Too

Uncover the reasons more and more companies that use staffing agencies think it’s a wise decision and why it would benefit you to follow their lead.

Explaining The Modern Performance Appraisal Methods

With modern appraisal methods, we are able to get a better read on our workforce compared to traditional methods; read about the difference between the two

How To Build An Effective Talent Acquisition Strategy

Building a talent acquisition strategy is a long-term commitment that yields outstanding results when done correctly. Learn what it takes to do it right.

How To Motivate Employees During Layoffs And Downsizing

Communicating layoffs to your remaining employees can be a daunting experience. Learn how to boost morale and keep them motivated during a trying time.

Employees And Social Media Use Outside of Work: Setting Boundaries

People post silly things on social media all the time, but where do you draw the line relating to work issues? We discuss how you can set clear guidelines.

California Unemployment Claims: Avoiding Mismanagement

Depending on the number of unemployment claims approved, the unemployment taxes that the employer is required to pay increases as well.

Employee Motivation Value And Effect On The Bottom Line

Learn how employee motivation can impact your business in both positive and negative directions depending upon the culture you create.

Setting 401(K) Plan For Your Staff – Business Owner’s Guide

Setting up a 401(K) Plan for your business can be a great step towards happier staff and improved productivity. We Take a Look at Some Pre Setup Considerations

Mandatory Overtime in California – What Is Legal?

If you’re a business owner in California and don’t know the legalities involved in imposing mandatory overtime for your employees, this is the place to look.


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