June 10, 2021

Job Summary –
Directs and coordinates company activities regarding safety and personnel. Assists with insurance issues.
Essential Functions –
  1. Coordinates with worker’s compensation carrier on active files.
  2. Coordinates with liability insurance carrier on safety issues.
  3. Reviews new laws regarding worker’s compensation, safety standards, Cal OSHA, OSHA, labor law, housing regulations, and immigration, as they pertain to efficient, law abiding nursery operation.
  4. Prepare and maintain job descriptions.
  5. Maintain personnel files.
  6. Coordinate employee evaluation process.
  7. Updates and maintains the Employee Handbook.
  8. Provide or coordinate safety training to field workers on a monthly basis.
  9. Provide or coordinate safety training to office and shipping department workers on a quarterly basis.
  10. Coordinate with worker’s compensation carrier to provide appropriate safety training to all employees at the beginning of harvest and planting seasons and as appropriate.
  11. Act as chairperson of the safety committee.
  12. Investigate all accidents.
  13. Prepares the OSHA 300 forms.
  14. Prepares and files documents with the appropriate governmental agencies to conform with legal requirements.
  15. Maintains and reviews driving records for all employees driving company vehicles.
  16. Cooperates and assists inspectors review relevant company records.
  17. Maintains and implements company drug and alcohol testing program for commercial drivers.
  18. Updates and maintains company hazard communication program and related safety programs.
  19. Studies management/production methods in order to improve work flow, and to simplify procedures and implement cost reductions, when possible.
  20. Analyzes company department operating practices such as recordkeeping systems and personnel and budgetary requirements to create new systems or to revise established ones.
    Other Responsibilities –
    1. May purchase job related equipment or supplies.
    2. Performs other work-related duties as assigned.

    Education, Experience, and Skills Required –
    1.Bachelor’s Degree, helpful.
    2.Spanish Speaker helpful
    3. Two years’ experience in a safety related function in the same or similar industry.
    4. Working knowledge of the agricultural industry and strawberry nursery industry in particular.
    5. Proficiency with spreadsheet and word-processing programs.
    6. Excellent written, verbal, analytical and interpersonal skills. Ability to speak and understand Spanish helpful.
    7. Valid California Driver’s license.

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