August 2, 2021


We are looking for an experienced front desk receptionist. Duties involve coordinating patient and physician schedules as well as basic administrative skills, file management and office organization. We’re looking for a professional who believes that patients should be treated as people rather than numbers in a file, and who understands the value of compassionate service. The job includes significant amounts of multi-tasking and patient interaction.


  • Check-in patients
  • Verify insurance information
  • Ensure all appropriate fonns are completed
  • Supply patient with all appropriate bubble sheets
  • Scan in when returned, Tally Rapid3 sheets
  • Confirmation calls for Dr Reeder and monitor appts ((starting at 11:30 am) re-call @ end of  day, if not confirmed)
  • Answering phones (2nd) (creating TE/Wes when necessary)
  • Call and schedule Dr. Reeder's new patient initial and 4-week follow-up appointments
  •  Generate new patient letter for signature
  • Mail new patient packet
  • Schedule additional appointments, if needed
  • Add patients to waitlist, if necessary
  • Check TE’s throughout the day- attempting/completing as many as possible

•Making TE's for no-show patients (follow reschedule protocol)

• Check voicemail when returning from lunch

 Secondary Job Duties

  • Checking patients out
  • Scheduling follow-up appointments
  • Collecting co-pays and past due balances(if necessary)
  • Adding patients to recall report if Dr Reeder requests lab letter

Keeping up the monitor schedule 

·Printing all appropriate bubble sheets (Monitor, Pain, and RApid3) each evening 

 oSee 'RApid3 sheet printout' and 'Narcotic monitor sheet printout'


  • Telehealth appointments
  • Review Dr. Reeder's Telehealth appointments the next day; call patients and schedule follow up Jab/monitoR/MD appts and mail to patient.
  • Fax/mail any lab/imaging/ROI
  • Tertiary Job Duties

Wages: $16.00 -$18.00 per hour

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