May 14, 2021

O2 Employment Services, the North State’s leader in HR and recruiting, is currently partnering with a faith based organization to find their next Finance Manager. This is a great opportunity to work in a positive and encouraging environment!


  • A minimum of an associate degree in accounting from an accredited educational institution or five years of experience in financial management and fund-based accounting and restricted/non-restricted funds.
  • Proficiency in computer skills including Word, Excel, and fund-based accounting software.
  • Attention to detail in account reconciliation and report generation.
  • A commitment to good interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and support of center ministries.
  • A commitment to confidentiality regarding all account records, both of the center and staff and members.
  • Dependable attendance.

$18-20/hr with evaluation after 90 days


  • Financial Records and Reports
    • Maintain a financial record system for the center’s senior minister and board to direct its operations.
    • Oversee the cash position of the bookstore to help best manage the inventory.
    • Prepare monthly financial reports and supplemental reports for the monthly board packet for senior minister and the board.
    • Maintain control of a proper cash flow to meet obligations.
    • Oversee the receipt, deposit and disbursement of all church funds.
    • Keep all financial contribution information confidential.
    • Record weekly contributions to the general fund, endowment fund, special funds, and other funds.
    • Enter all invoices submitted for payment, cut checks, obtain signatures, and prepare for mailing.
    • Balance checking account and submit reconciliation to the treasurer.
    • Assist the budget committee in the annual preparation of the budget with quarterly updates.
    • Prepare monthly financial reports for the Youth Leader and receive quarterly confirmation that the records are correct.
  • Personnel and Payroll
    • Administer payroll for center employees.
    • Assure all monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax forms, make necessary deposits, and annual W-2 forms. Make sure all reports are promptly paid and/or filed in a timely manner.
    • Maintain personnel records.
    • Assure compliance with federal and state labor laws.
    • Participate in weekly staff meetings.
    • Develop and train volunteers to assist in areas that will enhance their services to the Center.
  • Pledge Program
    • Record pledges and quarterly giving statements.
    • Assist the board/committee in planning and promoting the Pledge Program.
  • Purchasing
    • Use prudence in all purchases for the center.
    • Maintain an inventory of all center property and equipment.
    • Manage all contracts and contract updates for equipment including the copy machine.
    • Coordinate facility maintenance.
    • Annually update MSDS Binder.
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Work with the co-pastors and board in developing and administering the personnel and financial policies of the center.
    • Obtain advice on legal, business and tax matters.
    • Assist other staff, ministers, and volunteers as time is available in order to ensure a smooth-running organization.
    • Take minutes of the Board of Trustees meetings, as needed.
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