August 27, 2020

Job Summary
Maintains and enhances the Human Resources Department by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs and practices. Ensures that hires, evaluations, promotions, raises, disciplinary actions, and terminations are carried out properly, strictly adhering to the company ordinances, policy, legal, and ethical standards.

Essential Job Requirements:

Maintains work structure by;
• Updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions.
• Establishing and implementing personnel policies
Maintains the organizational staff by;
• Establishing a recruiting, testing, and interviewing program
• Counseling managers on candidate selection
• Ensuring that appropriate licensure or certification requirements commensurate with the job responsibilities
• Ascertaining applicants’ qualifications by conducting background investigations when appropriate and or required
• Establishing and conducting orientation and training
• Conducting and analyzing exit interviews, and recommending changes
Maintains a pay/compensation plan by;
• Conducting periodic pay surveys
• Recommending, planning, and implementing pay structure revisions
• Comparing recommended pay raises and incentives with budget, and notifying supervisors of variances
Maintains a benefit plan by;
• Studying employee requirements and trends and developments in benefits offered by other organizations
• Analyzing benefit options and predicting future costs
• Studying programs and obtaining advice from consultants
• Preparing and distributing benefit reports
• Developing record keeping systems
• Initiating new hire benefits
• Establishing and maintain working relationships with benefit providers
• Approving HR/Benefit billing statements
• Preparing the benefit and compensation budget for the programs and HR budget.

Establishes internal equity by;

  • Developing and maintaining a job evaluation system
  • Requiring periodic appraisal of each person’s job performance, including current competence
  • Requiring periodic review of employee compensation

Resolves manager and employee dissatisfaction by;
• Training managers to coach and discipline employees
• Advising employees and supervisors on interpretation of Pit River Tribe’s personnel policies
• Investigating complaints and concerns
• Answering questions explaining policies and procedures
• Evaluating and offering possible courses of action
• Providing advice, guidance, and direction
• Monitoring actions in progress and assure proper procedures, thoroughness of documentation and proper considerations of merit are complete
• Assisting employees and managers in the use of the grievance system
Achieves financial efficiency objectives by;
• Assisting managers in preparing annual employment and advertising budget
• Studying proportion of pay benefits, incentives, and intangibles
• Recommends program budget adjustments
Ensures compliance by;
• Complying with applicable federal and state laws and regulations regarding the protection of the health of employees
• Studying existing and new laws and legislation
• Advising management and Tribal Council on needed action
• Establishing controls relating to record keeping of personnel documents of the Pit River Tribe
• Maintaining the confidentiality, security, and physical safety of data on staff
Maintains professional and technical knowledge by;
• Attending educational workshops and conferences
• Establishing personal/professional networks
• Participating in professional societies
Prepares a monthly Human Resources Report by;
• Collecting, analyzing, and summarizing staff information and trends
Contributes to team effort by;
• Initiating and directing training programs, and in-service for new employees
• Offers information and opinions as a member of the senior management team
• Demonstrate continuous initiatives for improvement of department operations
• Take a systems approach to problem solving and process improvement, which involves staff
• Perform other related duties as assigned
Additional Job duties:
• Prepares and monitors indicators for quality and continuous improvement
• Represents company with local, state, and federal law issues as required
• Understands the company and employee needs, by demonstrating courtesy, diplomacy, and tact during interactions with internal and external entities or individuals

• Works with supervisors to ensure that paperwork is completed for reporting accidents and injuries
• Submits workers compensation claims in a timely fashion
• Monitors orientation and safety training requirements
• Assures that the work environment is safe and implement any necessary changes to ensure staff and client safety
Knowledge, skills, and abilities;
• Knowledge and educational preparation in the theories, methods, practices, in the administration of human resources
• Knowledge of the company, functions and operations of services
• Knowledge of office equipment and limited maintenance
• Knowledge of word processing and spread sheet computer application skills
• Knowledge and ability to carry out rules of health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPPA)
• Writing skills as would be required for reports, pans, grant proposals program justifications, etc..
• Ability to read, analyze and interpret complex documents
• Ability to respond effectively to the most sensitive inquiries or complaints
• Ability to communicate professionally of the telephone and in person in a positive clear manner
• Ability to communicated orally, and in writing to staff members, professionals, technicians, and clerical
• Ability to multi task when necessary
• Ability to be flexible in order to perform at the highest level as a team player
• Ability to use the maximum degree of professionalism and diplomacy with those who may be experiencing a high degree of stress both mentally and or physically
• Ability to gather, assemble, and analyze facts, draw conclusions and devise solutions to management problems
• Ability to maintain confidentiality of all tribal operations and staff
• Writing by hand and using a personal computer.
• Long hours in front of a computer screen
• Frequently required to work extended hours
• Attend evening and lunch time meetings as requested
• Traveling, occasionally using; air, tribal or personal vehicles to attend meetings, conferences, or other functions

Must possess a current and valid California Driver’s License with a record acceptable to the company policy and insurance carrier

Education and Experience
Bachelor’s degree with emphasis in Management or Human Resources plus a minimum of five years of mid-level management experience is require. Society for Human Resource management (SHRM) certification or any combination of related education will be considered if the candidate possesses the demonstrated ability.

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