Give Redding 2018 Holiday Drive

Join us this year on November 15th for the 2018 Give Redding Event!

What is Give Redding?

Give Redding is an annual event hosted by O2 Employment Services but fully supported and successful because of the incredible support of local businesses and our community. Started in 2012, the Give Redding Holiday Drive has become the community’s largest food drive. This annual event is unique in that it involves many local businesses who hold their own drives for donations then bring them all together on one day.
Give Redding benefits One Safe Place along with other local non-profits who serve those in need in the North State. In the span of a few short hours, there are enough donations collected to take care of the needs of One Safe Place through the holidays and beyond.
This couldn’t happen with out the support of the over 50 businesses that hold Give Redding drives for the month leading up to the finale and the hundreds of community members who bring donations.
This year there is a special need in our community due to the Carr Fire. Our focus will be on One Safe Place and the other local agencies who are supporting those who lost their homes, were displaced and are struggling through the rebuilding process. The need is greater than ever before.
If your business is interested in partnering with us, please email us at and let us know. We would love to promote what you are doing and welcome you to the Give Redding family!

Why We Love Supporting One Safe Place

The majority of us are lucky enough to never have to use the services offered by One Safe Place. We are far removed from the trauma that victims of domestic violence go through. Without organizations like One Safe Place the landscape of our community would look very different. One Safe Place has managed to bring all the services needed by these victims under one roof.

To learn more about One Safe Place visit
Give Redding will be held on November 15, 2018 so don’t forget to mark your calendars!


Our residence is designed with an open-concept floor plan to promote community. The facility also includes 13 individual family rooms to accommodate approximately 50 people total. Along with beds and optional cribs, each room is outfitted with individually controlled HVAC, a private bathroom, and windows for natural light. An ADA-compliant room and bathroom for additional occupants with special needs or for larger families is also included. Residents of Shasta County who are victims of domestic and/or sexual abuse identified in imminent danger or who would be homeless without our services are eligible to stay in the residence. Clients stay FREE of charge and are tasked with assisting in daily “Life Skills” including chores to keep the house clean and cooking meals.



Advocates are available by phone or in person to help victims and their loved ones understand their rights, options, and resources when in a domestic or sexual abuse situation. We work with each individual to assess needs and put together a plan for safety and stability.


Pantries and storage space allow us to provide non-perishable food items and clothing to clients and their children on an as needed basis, through donations from our generous community.


Referrals to local resources for all those of Native American descent are available.


Advocates can assist with addressing issues of housing, employment, and additional resources that would benefit individuals and families in obtaining financial independence.


Support for victims and their families in a group setting allows for processing of trauma in a setting that promotes active listening and continued sustainable growth.


We provide vital information through interactive presentations to Shasta County schools, service partners, businesses, and any other interested parties. Our education mission is two-fold: to raise awareness of the issue of domestic violence, sexual assault, and healthy relationships, and to inform members of the community about resources available. We also lead the charge in awareness of these issues through organized campaigns and events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April and Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October


Whether by phone or in person, we are here 24-hour a day/7 days a week to provide help in dangerous situations, assisting with safety planning, transportation, and emergency housing.



The next next step after victim advocacy includes working with a Case Manager to identify each individual’s short, intermediate, and long term goals in order to accomplish self-sufficiency. Case Managers stay with the each client, working to address needs and provide follow-up care as needed.


We assist in preparing and filing temporary restraining orders (TRO’s), as well as custody and visitation orders, but only when addressed in conjunction with a restraining order. Additional legal help with court orientation, accompaniment, and mediation may also be available.


We are available to accompany victims through forensic examinations and investigative interviews, advocate for release of records and reports to victims as needed, and set up victim notifications of perpetrator release.


On-site classes include themes of both individual and relationship health, following a monthly schedule with various times and days for clients as well as the general public to participate. Class offerings are interactive, with a combination of lecture and activities.


Our education programs are school-based and offered as either training opportunities for on-campus personnel on our evidence-based SafeNET curriculum or NO MORE clubs to promote student involvement in bystander engagement. In either setting, we work with schools to amend policies and raise awareness of domestic and sexual abuse with the goal of helping to create future generations of community members who reject violence. Additional programs, like Camp OSP, focus on reducing the effects of exposure to violence.