Offering benefits to your employees

is becoming more and more difficult for employers. Costs are increasingly going up and compliance is becoming more complex. Yet the benefits you offer are critical to your business to separate you from your competition. Your benefit plans help you attract and retain top talent. Working with a PEO will help you offer more, stay in compliance and take care of your employees. O2 can create and offer benefits packages that are usually only offered at large companies. Your employees are your business’s most valuable asset so you want to make sure that you are providing them with the highest quality benefits. Our experts will remove the uncertainty and confusion of what to offer your employees to benefit them while keeping your company’s bottom line in mind. In addition to traditional benefits, we can help your company get creative and offer benefits that will help with your recruitment and retention without hurting your bottom line. In today’s employment market, benefits are more important than ever and they are also more expensive than ever. The experts at O2 can help you develop plans that impress your employees and your accountant.
Legally Mandated Benefits
There are several legally mandated benefits that your employees may qualify for and it is your responsibility to ensure that they are informed of each. It is also your responsibility to properly complete the employer paperwork with each which in many cases is substantial and technical.
The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) gives workers and their families who lose their health benefits the right to choose to continue group health benefits provided by their group health plan for limited periods of time under certain circumstances such as voluntary or involuntary job loss, reduction in the hours worked, transition between jobs, death, divorce, and other life events. It is your responsibility to ensure that your employees have access to these benefits and are properly informed.
Disability Insurance is a component of the State Disability Insurance program, established in 1946, to provide partial wage replacement benefits to eligible California workers who are unable to work due to a non-work-related illness, injury, or pregnancy.
Family and Medical Leave Act
The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) is a United States labor law requiring covered employers to provide employees with job-protected and unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons.
Minimum Wage
A minimum wage is the lowest wage per hour that a worker may be paid, as mandated by federal or state law. The minimum wage is typically higher in CA than the federally set amount and is currently set to rise each year for the next several years.
Overtime benefits are paid to any employees working more than 40 hours per week or more than eight hours per day or any work performed on the seventh consecutive day of the pay period. In California, the minimum wage is paid at time and a half and must be paid when any one of the three scenarios above occurs.
Unemployment Insurance
Unemployment Insurance is a joint state-federal program that provides cash benefits to eligible workers. Unemployment insurance payments are intended to provide temporary financial assistance to unemployed workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own. Each state sets its own additional requirements for eligibility, benefit amounts, and length of time benefits can be paid.
Workers’ Compensation
Workers’ compensation provides benefits for workers when their injury or illness arises out of or is caused by their work. Workers’ compensation may also pay medical bills and benefits for temporary or permanent disabilities that are work-related.
Employer-Provided Health Insurance Requirements
Not all employers are required to offer benefits to their employees. For those employers with more than 50 full-time employees (companies with common ownership must combine their employee count), it is required that you offer ACA compliant medical insurance. Other insurances, such as dental, vision, and life, are completely optional, regardless of your company size.
Using a PEO Means Better Buying Power
By working with O2, you not only have access to experts in employee benefits but you have access to additional benefits for your employees offered through O2 such as dental, vision, and supplemental insurances. These are offered to your employees at no additional cost to you.
Better Benefits and Insurances Attract and Retain Better Employees
The benefits your company offers can often be the determining factor in top talent choosing to work for you rather than another company. Offering competitive benefits also helps your company to retain that top talent and keep your employees happy, healthy and motivated. Your benefit plan helps to differentiate you from your competition, an invaluable asset in today’s labor market.
Our Experts Handle All Details, Paperwork, and Compliance
Offering benefits to your employees means a lot of additional paperwork and potential compliance issues for you. Whether it is handling new enrollments, tracking eligibility, managing open enrollment periods, overseeing audits and government reporting or any one of the many other tasks associated with benefits, the experts at O2 will handle it all for you.